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Rolling Papers & Trays

Custom Rolling Papers 

WithLogos now offers customizable rolling paper for people who want to make their smoking experience a little more unique. They offer a wide variety of rolling paper customizations and packaging in which you may purchase and store your rolling paper. The rolling papers are primarily used by smokers, people who have their tobacco or cannabis and would like to smoke it.

Rolling papers have been an old technology and have currently been revived with the legalization of cannabis in some parts of the world. Initially, it was used by people who purchased open tobacco before the advent of industrialized cigarette manufacturers. You can make your rolling paper special and unique, people in the modern days focus more on looks and style and you can make your cigarettes cool and different. WithLogos also offers custom tin trays for ash and rolling machines to help you in your day-to-day life, all of which are customizable to match your idolized image.

The manufacturing of these items is done to the highest safety and manufacturing quality. All of the rolling paper is made from 100% unbleached hemp, thus not affecting the flavor or quality of the product used in it. The rolling paper comes in different dimensions, so you can even make different-sized cigarettes and not be forced to use a preset model. There is also an option to purchase tips with your rolling paper to further enhance your experience.



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Custom Bobbin Rolling Paper

As low as $0.84
$0.84 - $0.84

Custom Packaged Rolling Papers 1 ¼"

As low as $0.79
$0.79 - $0.79

Custom Rolling Paper Filter Pack

As low as $1.09
$1.09 - $1.09

Custom Single Width Rolling Papers

As low as $0.79
$0.79 - $0.79

Custom Slim Rolling Papers

As low as $0.79
$0.79 - $0.79

Custom Stock King Size Rolling Paper + Tips

As low as $1.44
$1.44 - $1.44

Custom Tin Tray

As low as $3.85
$3.85 - $3.85

Custom Rolling Machine 78mm

As low as $1.70
$1.70 - $1.70

Custom Rolling Machine 78 mm

As low as $1.49
$1.49 - $1.49

Custom Rolling Machine 110mm

As low as $2.01
$2.01 - $2.01

Custom Rolling Sheet & Machine 110mm

As low as $2.16
$2.16 - $2.16