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Looking for custom clipboards?  WithLogos.com has several options and price points to meet the needs and budget of every buyer to create affordable custom clipboards.  Print Custom Clipboards for your business, medical waiting room, promotional needs or just branding your business. Custom Printed clipboards create a writing surface and custom clip to secure paperwork and documents.  Personlized clipboards carry one of the largest hand held imprint areas in the promotional products industry. With the ability to completely customize your clipboard on the front, back, and clip the options are limitless.

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As low as $4.76
$4.76 - $4.76

Contoured Clipboard

As low as $4.76
$4.76 - $4.76

Full Color Clipboards

As low as $6.43
$6.43 - $6.43

Legal Size Full Color Process Clipboards

As low as $6.65
$6.65 - $6.65

Mini Clipboards

As low as $2.55
$2.55 - $2.55

Mini Full Color Clipboards

As low as $2.95
$2.95 - $2.95