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New Products

Introducing our newest custom products from WithLogos.com! From fun to functional, these new items are a great opportunity to increase your brands exposure.

We’ve got a wide array of promo items for nature lovers! Our 2 in 1 Insect Repellant Sprays with SPF30 Sunscreen is all natural , DEET and PBA free. Its small size makes it perfect for on the go applications. If your preference is an easier application, we also carry Promotional Insect Wipes - just a swipe to the skin and you’re protected from all those pesky insects. Lastly, the Customizable Sunscreen Sticks with SPF 30 are a perfect way to boost your brand with clients while shielding their skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

If you have clients that love their pets, we recommend this: Custom Printed Pet Dry Shampoo Sprays are an ideal way to keep your pet’s coat smelling fresh throughout the day and in-between washes, and its compact size makes it easy to take anywhere! WithLogos' Custom Printed Pet Food Cups with Measures are an easy way to make sure your pet gets the perfect portion of their favorite food every time, nothing goes to waste with this product! And, just in stock is our Promotional Fetch! Dog Safe Flyers made with soft, durable polyethylene and come in a variety of colors for your personal preference. A trip to the dog park has never been so fun!

Looking for a way to keep fitness on the minds of your clients? Try our Clearview Pedometers or Healthy Heart Step Pedometers; both are an efficient way to keep track of your steps throughout the day! These pedometers track up to 99.999 steps and come equipped with an energy saving auto shut-off and idle mode when not in use. Also, a secure belt clip comes attached so it stays exactly where it needs to be. If you’d like a way to get people active while getting your company’s message out there, these Heart Fitness Jump Ropes are a fun option. With cute heart topped handles and a large imprint area for your customization, these jump ropes are the perfect way to increase cardio and expand your brand.

Don’t miss your opportunity to browse our newest selections below, you may find something you love! Happy shopping!

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5W Wireless Charger

As low as $4.33
$4.33 - $4.33


As low as $5.45
$5.45 - $5.45

Custom 12 oz Stainless Steel Wine Goblet

As low as $4.43
$4.43 - $4.43

Custom 16 Oz. Stemless Wine Glass

As low as $1.30
$1.30 - $1.30

Custom 20 oz Himalayan Tumbler

As low as $7.10
$7.10 - $7.10

Custom 20 oz Two-Tone Himalyan Tumbler

As low as $7.56
$7.56 - $7.56

Custom 25.3 oz/750 ML Stainless Steel Wine Bottle

As low as $12.99
$12.99 - $12.99

Custom Dog Shaped Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

As low as $1.70
$1.70 - $1.70

Custom Printed 14 Oz. Cork Base Ceramic Mug

As low as $6.02
$6.02 - $6.02

Custom Printed 17oz Stainless Steel Swig Bottle

As low as $8.96
$8.96 - $8.96

Custom Printed Flip Webcam Cover

As low as $0.49
$0.49 - $0.49

Custom Printed Klick Mints

As low as $0.97
$0.97 - $0.97

Custom Printed Slim Media Holder

As low as $0.94
$0.94 - $0.94

Custom Printed SPF 30 Credit Card Sunscreen

As low as $0.99
$0.99 - $0.99

Custom Printed Swivel Plastic WebCam Cover

As low as $1.94
$1.94 - $1.94

Custom Printed Webcam Cover - Full Color

As low as $0.49
$0.49 - $0.49

Custom Reusable Silicone Straws

As low as $1.25
$1.25 - $1.25

Custom Silicone Straws in Case

As low as $1.20
$1.20 - $1.20

Custom White Stainless Steel Twisting Tumbler

As low as $5.82
$5.82 - $5.86