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First Aid

WithLogos’ Custom First Aid Kits: Why They're Your Ideal Promotional Item


Whether it is a stock kit branded with your slogan or logo, or a stock kit completely custom designed and built to your specifications - there are a bunch of why customers want a hold of custom first aid kit options. First and foremost, these personalized first aid kits are brilliant giveaways for promotion. Going farther beyond just promotion: taking this step will play a part in associating your brand with health and fitness. This can go a long way in establishing a positive brand image and attracting people towards your business. Moreover, customers who receive these kits are appreciative of the valuable product they've received - and will be encouraged to shop back at your outlet!


If you happen to be selling your service or product in a marketplace or store, especially if you happen to be surrounded by many of your competitors, having a unique product to give to your customers will go a long way in giving an edge to your particular brand, and incentivizing people to go shop at your place. 


Even if you happen to be ordering these kits only for your company's safety compliance requirements: first aid kits that are branded will be opted for more likely than non branded ones. With imprinted first aid kids, there's a higher chance your employees will walk of with the kits, make use of them, and promote your brand's message! All of this contributes to perpetuating your brand message and will be a worthy investment in establishing your brand name.


With Logos offer a wide range of promotional first aid kits and emergency care products that can be personalized with your logo or message to create a unique promotional product. Our custom first aid kits are the most affordable on the market, and made of the highest quality!


Our custom first aid kits, bags, and cabinets have been built and designed with the highest quality standards . We offer everything from custom imprinted CPR keychains, EVA Kits, rolling hanging emergency kit bags, custom trauma bags, rolling emergency kit bags with compartments and much more!


We carry a wide range of kits in different sizes and content. We also offer completely custom built kits made to your particular specifications.


What do you get when you shop With Logos for custom first aid kits?


Quality: At With Logos, we're committed to making sure that only the best and highest quality products, boxes and bags are used for the kits we make. We offer a selection of generic products and brands names to allow you to make your own custom kit!


Value: With WithLogos’ custom kits, you are able to get the kit exactly how you need it. You won't be obliged to get extra supplies, and re kitting will not be an issue!

Selection: Offering over -- products, With Logos has all the first aid items that you might possibly need. We guarantee, you will find any items you're looking for to fill your kit.


If you're looking for high quality, wide variety and stylish first aid kits - shop WithLogos!


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Custom Printed Adhesive Bandage Stress Ball

As low as $1.48
$1.48 - $1.48

Custom Printed Bandage Dispenser

As low as $0.59
$0.59 - $0.59

Custom Printed Health Case Bandage Holder Pill Box

As low as $0.96
$0.96 - $0.96

Personalized CAN-OF-WIPES

As low as $1.69
$1.69 - $1.69

Custom Printed T-Shirt Bandage Dispenser

As low as $0.70
$0.70 - $0.70

Custom Printed Express No Med Kit

As low as $1.45
$1.45 - $1.45

Custom Compact On The Go First Aid Kit

As low as $1.35
$1.35 - $1.35

Custom First Aid Kit with Handle

As low as $4.15
$4.15 - $4.15