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Custom Fleece Blankets Stitched to Order

Few promotional gifts interact with their recipient in as intimate a way as WithLogos custom fleece blankets. Stand out in your industry and show that your organization is prepared to help its clients feel cozy, prepared and cared for

What Does Your Blanket Say?

Apart from numerous customizable variations offered, one thing to consider is which type of blanket you would like to showcase your brand.

Baby Fleece       Pet Blanket

Roll-up              Travel Blanket

Jersey or Micro Fiber Throw

Heavy Lined Sherpa 

Fleece Scarves: Spread the Love

Like custom fleece blankets, these scarves will make a practical and personal gift for nearly any occasion. All of these options can feature your unique logo or slogan to make a lasting impression on the people to whom they are given. Each and every time your clients or employees snuggle up with one of these, they will be sure to think of your brand and your business. You really couldn’t ask for better advertising! What’s more, by buying wholesale fleece blankets in bulk, you can save money and time. And with our free professional design consultation, and estimated stitch count, you can rest assured that your promotional blankets will come out looking just the way that you imagined. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get a quote on promotional items!

So whether you are looking for gifts to give out at a corporate retreat, presents for clients or potential clients, thank you gifts for loyal employees, or giveaways for an industry trade show or conference, promotional blankets could be just the thing for you and your business. Custom fleece blankets come in a wide variety of styles and colors. By matching a color to your brand or logo, you can add an extra level of brand reinforcement.

We offer bulk fleece blankets, as well as promotional blankets with 5,000 stitches already included. 

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Custom Printed Baby Fleece Blanket

As low as $7.52
$7.52 - $7.52

Custom Printed Fleece Blanket with Optional Strap

As low as $11.39
$11.39 - $11.39

Custom Printed Fleece Pet Blanket

As low as $10.26
$10.26 - $10.26

Custom Printed Jersey Blankets (60" W x 50" H)

As low as $19.75
$19.75 - $19.75

Custom Printed Mink Sherpa Blanket

As low as $21.13
$21.13 - $21.13

Custom Printed Picnic Blanket

As low as $15.73
$15.73 - $15.73

Custom Printed Promo Fleece Blanket

As low as $7.83
$7.83 - $7.83

Full Color Roll-Up Blanket

As low as $6.53
$6.53 - $6.53

Roll Up Picnic Blanket

As low as $8.16
$8.16 - $8.16