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Hand Sanitizer

Promotional hand sanitizer is a greatly effective marketing tool, as it’s portable, useful and has staying power with your customer. Custom Hand Sanitizer is a popular item for anyone to carry. In this world of germs, custom sanitizer also promotes a healthy lifestyle and/or work environment. They are both highly useful and affordable, and make a great gift. Promotional hand sanitizers are a welcome item in any environment, especially in hospitals and health facilities, schools, offices, and special events.

Our Personal Sanitizer comes in many different forms: anti-bacterial gel, custom wipes, foam, and sprays. These items can usually be stored in pockets, bags, backpacks and purses. They are popular amongst trade shows, corporate functions, festivals, concerts and virtually any event.

Promotional antibacterial products also make thoughtful and affordable promotional giveaways that your clients will appreciate. Why? Because germs are everywhere! If you’ve ever been to a large party or event, public restroom, or any sort of area where many people congregate, you will want something to sanitize your hands with. Everyone will need promotional sanitizer at some point or another, which makes custom hand sanitizer such a great idea for your next promotional giveaway. By giving these small, easy-to-carry product to your customer, you are increasing your brand awareness in a totally unique way. Promotional Hand sanitizers get used again and again; most are even refillable, allowing for tons of repeated exposure, leading to brand awareness and recognition.

Customized antibacterial hand sanitizer makes an especially great marketing tool at trade shows, business events and corporate functions; basically, any kind of promotional event that will have you meeting, greeting, and shaking hands with people. Be strategic in your marketing strategy at these functions by providing your clients with personalized hand sanitizer. You’ll be doing them a favor, while promoting your brand. It’s a win-win!

Fight the good fight against germs, and get your brand out there with promotional sanitizers!

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Custom Printed 1 oz. Pocket Pouch Sanitizer

As low as $1.05
$1.05 - $1.05

Custom Printed 16 oz. Hand Sanitizer Gel

As low as $3.51
$3.51 - $3.51

Custom Printed Sani-Mist Pocket Sprayer

As low as $0.54
$0.54 - $0.54