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Pre Roll Tubes

Custom Pre-Roll Tubes

WithLogos now offers child-resistant, custom pre-roll tubes that are featured in 116mm and 78mm variations. These pre-roll tubes meet all medical standards and requirements and can be personalized by allowing you to print your brand logo on the front of each tube. These tubes are a perfect pick for both recreational and medical consumers, who wish to increase the shelf life of stored products, and transport stored material safely. 

Pre-roll tubes are essential for the health and safety of material stored inside the container. Organic products and materials require a substantial amount of oxygen, and need to be kept safe from hot and humid temperatures, so that they can be preserved in good quality and used for longer durations of time. If organic material is exposed to higher levels of humidity and changing temperatures, it may develop mold and an unpleasant smell, which makes it very difficult for them to be used for both recreational and medical purposes. Therefore, it is important to choose the right container to keep organic material secure in a thriving condition. WithLogos offers premium quality, properly sealed pre-roll tubes that come with a sealed vial. This seal ensures that stored material can be used over longer durations of time without worrying about stored material being exposed to changing temperature conditions. These custom tubes also allow you to choose two different imprint colors to add stylish variations to your product. You can also use these custom pre-roll tubes for product promotion purposes, or display them at health conventions for an impression that lasts.

WithLogos offers timely delivery of custom pre-roll tubes, which can also be ordered in bulk or large quantities at affordable prices. These tubes are friendly on the pocket, while also offering essentials like child protection, air-tight seals, and easy-to-open lids. Choose your desired delivery date or receive bulk products within 5 working days across the U.S.



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Custom Glass Cork Pre Roll Tube

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Custom Pre Rolled Tube 116mm

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Custom Pre Rolled Tube 78mm

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Custom Pre Roll Glass Tube

As low as $0.65
$0.65 - $0.65