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Storage Containers

Custom Imprinted Cannabis Storage Containers

WithLogos offers a wide range of customizable printed cannabis containers and bags that are featured in different colors, sizes, and storage options. These industry-standard storage containers are child-resistant and adhere to all medical standards and regulations. Get your company logo printed on the front of the container, and choose up to 3 separate colors for a seamless customization experience.

While these cannabis storage containers are a great advertisement for your cannabis products at conventions and health events, they also serve an important purpose to preserve the health of marijuana inside the container. Cannabis that is used for medical or recreational purposes requires oxygen for sustainability, needing protection against humidity and moisture that degrades its quality over time. Cannabis that is affected by changing temperatures, humidity, and moisture in vulnerable storage is more harmful to use than the wrong type of cannabis. Thus, it is important to pick the right type of cannabis containers that are packaged with premium material and durability to increase the shelf life of stored cannabis. Similar to other organic products, cannabis must be stored in an air-tight container that ensures it is kept safe in a healthy condition. Using these custom cannabis storage containers by WithLogos would be largely beneficial for the health of cannabis stored on a long-term basis, as they use high-quality, environment-friendly material, and provide instructions of use along with the container to assure maximum protection and safety.

If you are in search of cannabis storage containers in bulk, WithLogos provides high-quality cannabis storage containers. These containers are cost-effective, and ship across the United States in 1-8 transit days, depending on the location of shipping. You can also opt for an urgent delivery date during business days for a timely and fast delivery.



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Custom Cannabis Pop Top Container (13 Dram)

As low as $0.79
$0.79 - $0.79

Custom Cannabis Pop Top Container (19 Dram)

As low as $0.84
$0.84 - $0.84

Custom Cannabis Pop Top Container (30 Dram)

As low as $1.09
$1.09 - $1.09

Custom Cannabis Pop Top Container (60 Dram)

As low as $1.49
$1.49 - $1.49

Custom Pre Roll Joint Glass Tube

As low as $0.65
$0.65 - $0.65

Custom Pre Rolled Tube 116mm

As low as $0.74
$0.74 - $0.74

Custom Pre Rolled Tube 78mm

As low as $0.69
$0.69 - $0.69

Custom Premium Glass Jar 3OZ

As low as $2.04
$2.04 - $2.04

Custom Safety, Smelly & Moisture Proof Bag

As low as $1.03
$1.03 - $1.03

Custom Plastic Grinder + Storage Container

As low as $1.81
$1.81 - $1.81

Custom Storage Cone

As low as $0.74
$0.74 - $0.74

Custom Storage Tube

As low as $0.89
$0.89 - $0.89