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Auto Open Umbrellas

Why Auto Open Umbrellas are a Great Fit for Marketing


As a company, you must be constantly looking for new avenues to market your company in. Marketing is a necessity for every single company, it’s essentially the means that a company utilizes in order to run and to survive. With so many different methods of marketing prompting up with every single year, there are neatly endless opportunities for you to market your company. One way of doing so involves using your logo on a number of different everyday objects. One of these objects that is a great fit for advertising happens to be auto open umbrellas.

Umbrellas are used by many different people all over the world throughout the year. Whether it be a very sunny day or a rainy day, an umbrella is something that is needed by people. Often, there are dozens of people on every single street walking around with umbrellas. These auto open umbrellas come in a variety of shapes and designs. All of them happen to catch the attention of the people who are looking on. This attention is precisely what makes umbrellas a great fit for marketing.

As umbrellas are basically large objects that are bound to catch the eyes of any onlooker, they are highly suitable for being used as a marketing tool. You can print your logo on umbrellas and they become a great way to get attention towards who you are as a company. Moreover, auto open umbrellas are the popular ones these days and are the specific kinds of umbrellas that you need to target. If you’re looking for a way to do so, WithLogos is the place you need to consult.

WithLogos offers you a wide range of auto open umbrellas that are customizable and can be printed on. We essentially make umbrellas based on how you want them to be made. WithLogos allows you to bring your marketing techniques to life, with products that are optimized to the smallest detail in order to meet your demands. Our umbrellas range from 36” in size to 68”, providing you with a wide range of sizes to broadcast your logo on.

WithLogos is a company that believes in providing you with the quality you require to bring your marketing strategies to fruition. We bring you the goods that allow you to attach your company’s name to quality, while also making sure that it all combines to make an impression on the people you’re targeting.

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Custom Printed 44" Arc Auto-Open Folding Umbrella

As low as $5.24
$5.24 - $5.24

Custom Printed 46" Arc Clear Umbrella

As low as $4.91
$4.91 - $4.91

Custom Printed 46" Arc Edge Two-Tone Umbrella

As low as $7.99
$7.99 - $7.99

Custom Printed 46" Arc Spectrum Umbrella

As low as $11.68
$11.68 - $11.68

Custom Printed 46" Arc Two-Tone Umbrella

As low as $9.71
$9.71 - $9.71

Custom Printed 48" Arc Umbrella with Wood Handle

As low as $5.83
$5.83 - $5.83

Custom Printed 58" Arc Vented, Windproof Umbrella

As low as $14.85
$14.85 - $14.85

Custom Printed 68" Arc Vented, Windproof Umbrella

As low as $13.49
$13.49 - $13.49

Custom Printed 60" Arc Ultra Lightweight Umbrella

As low as $7.99
$7.99 - $7.99