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Tradeshow Marketing: 3 Keys to Swag Like a Boss

By Conor Monahan


Tradeshows are overwhelming

But with the right B2B and B2C engagement goals in mind, as well as the marketing tools to get there, your team will feel confident about meeting their brand-love challenge head-on.


For Starters, Don't do what they do!

Not exactly—at least. Promotional swag is an obligatory part of every tradeshow, and there are many different reasons that people enjoy it. But all promotional swag suffers from the same marketing problem: SATURATION.


One brand bleeds into another, and the return on investment you made in choosing your promotional giveaway drops significantly.


But the issue really isn’t with the swag or your brand, so much as the result of branding.


Boring branding that is.


So take a look at WithLogos’ suggestions for a few key areas to help promote your brand and deliver a better ROI for your marketing and advertising goals.


Key 1

Talk with your team about choosing the perfect promotional swag item, or items, and try to surprise your audience. You want your team to feel confident and empowered to deliver this promotional item. Don’t send them out there feeling embarrassed!

Instead ask, “Is there a useful item that speaks to our core audience, in a way that acknowledges an unrecognized need?”  


Looking beyond the fact that we all need to drink water to survive, Custom Printed Sugar-Free 5 Hour Energy Shots connect with your audience in more dire territory: staying awake through the whole tradeshow.

 Awaken Your Core Audience

This giveaway makes it easy to become a crowd favorite, ensuring as many impressions as your team can handle. From here your team may establish a connection directly from the idea of recognizing a need, link by link, impression by impression, to your product or service.


Key 2

Try toying with the “convention” of the convention. By delivering a message so unexpected, or personal, your swag will avoid a destiny-date with the garbage can.


Imagine something out of the ordinary and say it. Then print it! On a Mug, Stress Reliever Ball, or (best of all) reusable Office Stationery.


Writing by hand is not dead; it has just grown less exciting than writing on your “device.” Remind your clients why they should be excited to give your pen to a colleague as a joke.



A Pen Can Be Worth 1000 Words

  • “I love dogs...a lot more than humans!”

  • “This whole conversation could have been an email.”


One exercise to help get the creative juices flowing is to imagine your giveaway being brought to a holiday white elephant gift exchange. What would make you laugh?


Key 3

Capitalize on the current cultural moment as if it were a post on your social media account.


It’s ok to be trendy—in fact, it helps bring strangers together around a common idea. By uniting a group of tradeshow attendees around a popular idea or joke, you offer immediate benefit for their participation with your brand.


As phones continue to grow larger and more expensive, innovative additions like the Spin Pop, a more affordable version of Popsocket, guarantee a popular and affordable return for your investment.


But don’t stop at the mere practicality of a PopSocket: remember Key 1. Why not engage with your clients on an emotional level, asking them to make a fun choice that instantly outdoes your competitor’s simple brand marketing.


The internet and photos of cute animals were made for each other. It’s a natural entry point to engage your audience, asking: “Are you a fluffy cat lover, or exceptionally cute dog lover?”



Then deliver the results of your poll direct to their email. What you have there is an emotionally driven connection, as well as a top-of-funnel lead regarding what interests this individual holds.


Pretty handy work for a little Phone Holder!






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Holiday Roundup: April  

By Jeffrey Hannig


What’s not to love about pranks, candy, and taxes?


April starts off with a bang—sometimes literally depending on who’s doing the pranking. April Fool’s Day is an excellent way to bring fun into your house, office or carpool. If you’re not taking advantage of this fun holiday with the very best prank ideas, you’re missing out.

 Custom Beach Balls

The Internet is full of Great Office Pranks, but the best ones come from the heart. The better you know someone and what makes them tick, the better the prank. April Fool’s Day is Monday, April 1st, so get cracking on some great ideas.


Hint: Go Big or go home...Ok, maybe not that big, but at least something This Big!


The one day of the year when (almost) everyone is on time


No one wants to admit they love tax day, but deep down inside, we all feel less stressed knowing taxes are out of the way, and we can plan on maybe, possibly, hopefully—if I filled out that one form correctly this time—getting a refund. Fingers crossed!


Certified Public Accountants and Tax Professionals use all sorts of ways to remind their clients to stay organized throughout the year, but nothing comes close to a dedicated tax ledger to keep yourself organized. These money-themed stress relievers also come in handy!



 Custom Journal BookCustom $100 Stress Ball

Did you know: Taxes were initially implemented in 1861—coincidentally, this is the same year American’s began cheating on their taxes! To help fund the American Civil War, a three percent tax on wages over $800 per year went directly to the war effort. How much of our personal income was taxed, why, and when taxes were due varied for almost 100 years after that. It wasn’t until 1955 that April 15 became the official tax deadline.

If you didn’t have enough fun tracking down receipts and W2’s, April offers another great opportunity for a different sort of treasure hunt.


Due to a shortage of chocolate bunnies, Easter has been canceled


April Fools! We had to get you at some point, right?


Easter 2019, or Easter Sunday, is Sunday, April 21st.


Historically, Easter Sunday begins as a spiritual celebration. Today, many Americans still hold this tradition, but nearly everyone thinks of Easter as a day to come together with family. Searching for Easter baskets, eggs, and candy is common, as is reestablishing a connection with Nature. Spring should have officially sprung, even if April tends to be marked by cold blasts and lots of rain.


Kids love Easter for the prizes, Easter Egg Hunts, Easter arts and crafts, and the candy (of course). If you’re organizing an Easter Egg Hunt and are looking for something other than candy to give away, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Bubbles Light Up Fidget SpinnerCustom Spin Pop


Or if you’re a business owner looking to get more involved in your community, there’s plenty you can do to make the most of this community-focused holiday.


Every day is Earth Day


What’s more fun than giving back to the very thing that makes life possible? Apparently, lots of things because one of the most common things people Google about this holiday is, “When is Earth Day?”


Earth Day 2019 is Monday, April 22nd. How you celebrate is up to you. It could be something as simple as going for a hike and appreciating nature, or something as involved as volunteering to clean up a waterfront or local highway. You could plant a tree or organize a trash pick up in your neighborhood. The possibilities for Earth Day Activities are endless, and hopefully, inspire you to give back more often.

16oz Stainless Steel Travel MugCustom Collapsible BottleCustom 25oz Aluminum Bike Bottle

WithLogos’ re-useable water bottles & coffee containers make for an enduring reminder of our obligation to take care of the earth. In particular, collapsible water bottles and to-go coffee containers help reduce one of society’s most recent environmental scourages.


Don’t let stress get the best of you


You may or may not be aware, but April is National Stress Awareness Month.


It’s fitting, being tax season and all, but we’re here to tell you that one day, this one little task shouldn’t ruin what potentially could be the best month of the year. A great way to offset stress is to get involved with your community. Whether that means participating with your office on April Fools Day, joining your local church for the Easter Sunday Ceremony, committing to volunteer more starting on Earth Day, or just keeping one of these little guys handy, April is full of options to overcome the stress of tax day.



Earth Stress Ball

So, relax, draw a bath and squish your stress away!